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Competition Format
General Information

32 teams will be included in the Drawing of Lots for the next edition of the 2015 CEV Volleyball Cup - Men; 16 of these are pre-seeded as per the latest European Ranking List and the others drawn out of the remaining 16 teams.

The teams drawn together will play against each other in Home and Away matches, with the winner progressing each time to the next Round. 

All matches for the entire competition, along with who plays at home first, are drawn at the Drawing of Lots in Luxembourg on the 12th June 2014. 

The only change to this competition flow is that the winners of the 1 / 4 Round will play against the 4 teams qualifying for the Challenge Round from the 2015 CEV Volleyball DenziBank Champions League.  The winners of this Round will then progress to the Semi Finals.

Confirmed Competition dates

1 / 16 Round dates:
05 +/- 1 November 2014 (Home)
19 +/- 1 November 2014 (Away)

1 / 8 Round dates:
03 +/- 1 December 2014 (Home)
17 +/- 1 December 2014 (Away)

1 / 4 Round dates:
14 +/- 1 January 2015 (Home)
21 +/- 1 January 2015 (Away)

Challenge Round (against teams from the 2015 CEV DenziBank Volleyball Champions League):
04 +/- 1 March 2015 (Home)
11 +/- 1 March 2015 (Away)

Semi-Final Round
24 March 2015 (Home)
28 March 2015 (Away)

7 April 2015 (Home)
11 April 2015 (Away)

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Competition Overview
Main Phase
From 04/11/2014 to 22/01/2015
Challenge Phase
From 03/03/2015 to 12/03/2015
Final Phase
From 24/03/2015 to 11/04/2015

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