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23/03/2021 14:26
Getting to know – Montenegro’s rising star Milutin Pavićević
News from the National Federations

Podgorica, Montenegro, March 23, 2021. Milutin Pavićević was without a doubt the real star of the Montenegrin national Cup final played this past Saturday in the city of Bar (click here for more info). The opposite of OK BUDVA delivered a truly impressive performance against his former team and eventually claimed the MVP award to go with the cup trophy. Through this show of strength, Pavićević confirmed that he has a huge potential and he is developing his talent in the right way.

“It is a wonderful feeling to play a good game and receive the MVP award. However, I could not have achieved all of this without a good team performance. Therefore, I want to thank my team and coaches,” says Pavićević.

This season, OK BUDVA has already won the Cup and they are the leaders in the domestic league as well. Much credit for so much success certainly goes to the 21-year-old Milutin, but the whole team has been playing at a very high level too. “The atmosphere in the club is great, and the working conditions are ideal. The team is in a position to perform to the best of its abilities. The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm produce good results. I hope that we will continue in the current rhythm in the future too,” Milutin emphasises.