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29/01/2021 17:45
Jānis Buks re-elected as the President of the Latvian Volleyball Federation
News from the National Federations

Riga, Latvia, January 29, 2021. On Friday, January 29, the Latvian Volleyball Federation (LVF) held their General Assembly virtually due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic, with Mr Jānis Buks re-elected as chairperson of the organisation for a four-year term. Buks has been at the helm of the Latvian Volleyball Federation since January 2019 following an extraordinary Board meeting of the organisation.

Jānis Buks received the votes cast by 44 members, while three abstained and one member only voted against his re-election. “Thank you for the trust you have showed in me. I will definitely work for the benefit of Latvian Volleyball, to reach the point where Volleyball is such as we could see in Jūrmala, when people shed tears of joy. I will work to make the entire nation proud of the achievements of our Volleyball players, just like back in those days in Cyprus, when our men's national team secured participation in the Final Round of the European Championship,” said Mr Buks right after the election.

“Reviewing these two years, the first feelings I can think of are the emotions from the days in the President's position. One of the keywords I associate the Volleyball family with is enthusiasm for the dedication that people involved in Volleyball show in their work. I am truly glad about that,” that is how the President assessed the previous two years. “My negative discovery is that the volleyball society is a little jealous, which is not necessarily a bad thing, since it pushes us forward, however, I would like to have shared criteria for the achievement of joint strategic goals. As years go by, I have realised that Volleyball is my wholehearted hobby, but the main goal is to put this system in order to make Volleyball one of the leading sports in Latvia again.”