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15/04/2020 12:00
“This lockdown has helped me discover new things” – Gamze Kılıç
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Istanbul, Turkey, April 15, 2020. The lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has made us adjust our daily routines and even find the time for something that we may have somehow neglected before. Gamze Kılıç, the setter of Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL probably better known under her maiden name Alikaya, admits that the home confinement has awakened her passion for cooking to such an extent that she may decide to study gastronomy once life comes back to normal.

“I have been starting the day a bit later these days. We do not have the chance to do that during our regular training schedule, so I try to make the most out of it. I start the day with a nice breakfast with my husband and after that comes our daily routine: Turkish coffee. After watching some series via Netflix, I spend the afternoon doing the exercises that our fitness coach has sent to us,” Gamze explains. “It is important for us to avoid the risk of ending up untrained and inactive. After completing my workout, we directly head to the kitchen to cook. After that, we drink tea, and watch some series or movies again. Honestly, there is not so much that we can do during this period. We only go outside for grocery shopping,” she continues.

Like all other members of her team, Gamze follows a programme designed by their physical trainer. “As daily exercises, I am following the programme that our fitness coach sends to us. Sometimes I add some other exercises, which I know would make me feel good. I go for 30-minute runs around the block with my husband. We also do some additional band and TRX exercises,” she continues.

It is not that easy to adjust your routine but Gamze seems to have found a way to do so. “We have switched from an intense training schedule to home workouts and believe me for an athlete who plays regularly this adjustment is very tough. Neither home exercises nor other things we do at home to discharge ourselves are as effective as the trainings we do on court. However, our health comes first, so we try to adapt ourselves to the circumstances. We try to train with the help of household appliances, heavy bottles of water, etc. As for the mental part, I keep reminding myself that this period will not last forever and my body needs to be ready for when life comes back to normal.”
“If you were to ask me what I have developed as a new hobby, I think I would tell you how I have also improved myself in the kitchen,” Gamze recounts. “Lately, whenever I am not training, I just find myself cooking something. Trying out new dishes has given me a lot of fun. I even told my husband recently that I could actually study gastronomy as a second job. While it takes one or two hours to cook a meal, I wish eating it would not last 15 or 20 minutes only. My only request from our fans is that they stay home, look after their health and the lives of their families and loved ones, and find some activities to pass this time.”

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