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15/12/2019 15:50
Youngster Efe Bayram poised to play against Russian powerhouse Zenit KAZAN
CEV Champions League Volley 2020 - Men

Ankara, Turkey, December 15, 2019. Halkbank ANKARA will be hosting later this week the most decorated and successful team of the past decade – Zenit KAZAN of Russia – as the group stage of the CEV Champions League Volley 2020 reaches the third round. The goal for Halkbank is to secure three points from this matchup after losing their previous games in the competition to VC Greenyard MAASEIK (2-3 at home) and JASTRZEBSKI Wegiel (0-3 away). 17-year-old Efe Bayram very much looks forward to the upcoming match with the Russian giants.

Bayram, born in 2002, is the youngest member of Halkbank. His friends agree that he resembles Clark Kent, a fictional character from American comic books. “The match against Zenit KAZAN is very important for me. It is even more important for my club of course. After all, it will be a fight against one of the world’s best teams,” Bayram says. “The result is very important for my team to continue to fight in our group and catch a breath of fresh air. The match will be an enjoyable, high quality one and the fans can look forward to some long rallies. We invite all Volleyball lovers to the arena in order not to miss this show!”

Efe Bayram in action during a match of the Turkish national league vs. TOKAT Belediye Plevne

Zenit are six-time winners of the CEV Champions League and Efe is well aware of this. “Of course, it will be difficult. We have witnessed last year that there is no way to make up even for minor mistakes when playing against Zenit KAZAN. Of course, I am very excited but I am not afraid nor I feel shy. I trust my team and my team members trust each other,” Bayram, aka Superman, continues.

“We have lost two matches in the pool this far but we have been playing well. We only have one point and I believe we would catch a big advantage if we were to win against Zenit KAZAN,” Efe admits. “I will do my best, I will fight for each ball and each point and I will try to bring positive energy and support the team as much as I can,” says the 17-year-old.