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23/11/2019 15:00
Imposing Volleyball Academy taking shape in Békéscsaba
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Békéscsaba, Hungary, November 23, 2019. Earlier this week, Zsolt Ludvig, Secretary General of the Hungarian Volleyball Federation, and Péter Szarvas, Mayor of Békéscsaba, paid a visit to the site of the Békéscsaba Volleyball Academy. On the occasion, Ádám Baran, President of the Volleyball Team Békéscsaba, reported on the current state of the ambitious project.

Hungary’s current largest Volleyball-specific investment is the construction of the hall of the Békéscsaba Volleyball Academy, which also has a European outlook. The Hungarian government has provided nearly 2 billion Forint to launch the Békéscsaba Volleyball Academy.

During a visit by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to Békéscsaba in April 2016, he agreed with Mayor Péter Szarvas to set up a Volleyball Academy in the city. The parties acknowledged the high level of professional work delivered at the club and supported the efforts of the Volleyball Team Békéscsaba to establish a European-wide youth training base in Békéscsaba.

Ádám Baran, president of the club, accompanied Mr Ludvig and Mr Szarvas during their visit while outlining the improvements made so far. Work in the hall will end on March 16, 2020. The aim is to open the facility in May 2020 with a national youth final following the relevant licensing procedures.

Construction is ongoing for the Volleyball Academy in Békéscsaba, Hungary

“Coordinating such an investment is not an everyday task, which has placed a considerable burden on us, but we have a major goal, which is to establish something unique for the future generations. The plans include three standard-sized Volleyball courts, a conditioning room and a health room. This opens up new horizons for our age groups. We have formulated a long-term strategy. In our vision, we have a strong, internationally successful club that does not exist without a well-functioning re-supply base. We believe that the energy invested in this project will pay off,” said Baran.

The president of the club said that they had other high-end ideas, as they are already planning the second stage of the Békéscsaba Volleyball Academy project with the involvement of many professionals, including a sports college.

Zsolt Ludvig emphasised that Hungarian teams are developing and that the sport and infrastructure are developing with them as well. He insisted that Békéscsaba was one of the flagships of Hungarian sport, and that such an investment is something unique in the country.

This will be the final look of the Volleyball Academy whose opening is expected for May 2020

“Hungarian Volleyball is evolving, which is a welcome thing. One of the jewels of this process is the Volleyball Team Békéscsaba, so we are proud to be the first to hand over such an imposing hall,” Mr Ludvig said.

Mayor Péter Szarvas said that with the completion of the hall, the sport would become even more attractive in Békéscsaba, which has already enjoyed great popularity. “This is an element, an object, which will bring many advantages in the future. The first Hungarian Volleyball Academy will be in Békéscsaba, and I think it says enough. Thanks to Volleyball Team Békéscsaba’s success and good club management! With this academy, we want to build a base for the entire home Volleyball youth base. We know that such a state-of-the-art hall is a huge motivational force for children and families,” emphasised the mayor.

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