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20/09/2019 11:22
BÉKÉSCSABAI Röplabda SE continue to promote environmental awareness and sustainability
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Békéscsaba, Hungary, September 20, 2019. The players and officials of the five-time Hungarian champions BÉKÉSCSABAI Röplabda SE, who finished among the top four in the 2019 edition of the CEV Volleyball Cup, very much know the importance of using their bike as a mean of transportation in everyday life. On the one hand, the City of Békéscsaba offers unique opportunities in this regard, through the provision of an extensive network of high-quality cycle paths. On the other hand, players and professionals working at the club are setting an example to help raise environmental awareness and promote sustainable urban transport.

Each year, the Car-free Day associated with the European Mobility Week programme is a very popular feature among Békéscsaba residents. This year, the City Council is preparing a full-day programme for people of all ages for September 22. The city’s Volleyball club has been a committed supporter of events raising environmental awareness for a few years already.
“Five years ago, we came up with an idea with the help of our promoters, to provide a bike to our team members and our professional staff, with a unique name and number. As far as we know, people have replicated it in several countries in Europe, which gives us joy and pride. Sustainable development is a top priority for the club, and we want to set a good example for future generations. Békéscsaba has a great cycling infrastructure, and in recent years significant improvements have been made through the resources provided by the Hungarian government and the European Union,” said Ádám Baran, the chair of the club.

The players are cycling around the city every day and they come with their bike for training as well. American Ashley Evans has been paying attention to the eco-friendly lifestyle for years. “I am so thankful to live in a city for the next nine months in which the easiest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method of transportation is a bicycle. I look forward to my bike ride to and from the gym every day during which I am outside in nature, feeling the wind on my face and soaking up a few minutes of the warm sun. Additionally, we are setting a great example for young children to get outside and be active by doing something as simple as travelling around by bike,” emphasised Evans.

For the club’s home-grown player, Zóra Glemboczki, cycling is not unheard of, as she said, it is absolutely natural for her to get on her bike in the morning and go to training or school with it. “In Békéscsaba it is a common, everyday thing that our bicycle is our main mean of transportation because I can easily get from one part of the city to another thanks to the excellent cycle path network. I was born here, so it is natural for me, but it is good to see how my teammates coming from other backgrounds enjoy it, not to mention that we help reduce pollution,” said the young outside spiker.

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