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10/02/2019 12:00
Follow your (rising) star – Tatiana Kadochkina
2019 CEV Volleyball Champions League - Women

Luxembourg, February 10, 2019. Tatiana Kadochkina from Dinamo KAZAN is, together with Jenna Ylivainio from HÄMEENLINNA and Francesca Ioana Alupei from C.S.M. BUCURESTI, one of three players born in 2003 to contest the 2019 edition of the CEV Volleyball Champions League. However, while Alupei has played only one set this far and Ylivainio is yet to take to the court, Kadochkina has played in every single match contested by Dinamo KAZAN, scoring 52 points, including 15 in this week’s home matchup and 3-0 victory with Uralochka-NTMK EKATERINBURG.

Those who have played against Kadochkina know already that despite her young age, she is a force to reckon with and a rising Volleyball star. “I have a hard hit, maybe it is natural, or maybe it came from my father, because he was a great hitter too. Well, and I also have certain physical assets: my legs are a little bit weak, but the shoulder girdle is very strong,” Kadochkina says.

Tatiana was born in a Volleyball family. Her father, Alexey Kadochkin, is the sports director of the Sparta women’s team from Nizhny Novgorod. Before that, he was a professional Volleyball player too. For this reason, when in July 2016 the Ekaterina Gamova School was established in Kazan, he decided that his 13-year-old daughter would move there without hesitation. After all, the girls from the “Gamova School” had a chance not only to break into Dinamo KAZAN, but also to join the junior national team of Russia under Svetlana Safronova. Tatiana made her international debut in April 2017, playing already in the much higher U18 category.