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10/01/2014 12:30
DRESDNER SC players explain there is a meaning behind their tattoos
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Dresden, Germany, January 10, 2014. After making the Challenge Round of the 2014 CEV Volleyball Cup – Women, Germany’s DRESDNER SC had a good start into the new year as they claimed their Bundesliga game with Aurubis HAMBURG with the score of 3:1 (19-25, 25-12, 25-19, and 25-17). However, the team is not just happy with this win but also with the return of their Slovak middle-blocker Jaroslava Pencova, who was out for a couple of months after tearing a ligament. The 23-year old Pencova is already looking forward to the next matches, and especially to the upcoming clash with Ladies in Black AACHEN.
However, the players of Germany’s vice champions DRESDNER SC want to be known also for their beauty and for the tattoos they are displaying on their well-shredded bodies.

Tattoos have become a very popular trademark among elite sportspeople, such as Germany’s handball star Stefan Kretzschmar, soccer diva Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson. Sportswomen are not an exception in this sense as shown by former swimmer Franziska van Almsick and high jumper Ariane Friedrich. These tattoos have very often a special meaning, something that the athletes want to communicate to their fans. And here we go with four players of DRESDNER SC who have got something to tell about their respective tattoo.

Jaroslava Pencova

Jaroslava Pencova is wearing black tights and this way her legs – she stands at 190 cm – seem even longer than they are in reality. She points at the tattoo displayed on her left ankle: “This is a symbol that was designed especially for me, so this is really unique,” she says. “By the time I was 15 or 16, I got three piercings. I made them by myself on my ear, chin and abdomen. Today I can say that this was a little crazy though it was not any kind of rebellion. I just wanted to show to my mom that I want to decide by myself what I want to do. As for the tattoo, I decided to have it on my ankle because I can show it or cover and hide it, if I only want. This could be important after my Volleyball career if I want to get a job.” Is Jaroslava planning to have another one? “As soon as I become a mother, I may extend this symbol by adding the name of my children.”

Elies Goos
24-year Belgian-born setter Elies Goos has a little swan tattooed between her shoulders. “My little sister Laure – who is two years younger than me – has got the same” she reveals. “We thought about the kind of tattoo we could get inked on our body and we finally opted for a swan. This is something rather unusual and much better than the ordinary star.”
She also has a colourful ladybird on her right arm and next to it the sentence “I don’t want to miss a thing.” “This is a song written and performed by the Aerosmith and the title reminds me of a very good friend that prematurely died of leukaemia. The family of this friend has created and sold some special bracelets and donated the proceeds from their sale. I have been wearing one of these bracelets for four years, being always afraid of losing it. For this reason I decided to get the title of this song tattooed on my right arm.” The tattoos pair up with her uncommon haircut and hairstyle. “I don’t want to miss a thing has become the motto that defines my life.”

Shanice Marcelle
Canadian wing-spiker Shanice Marcelle looks a little shy while showing her left shoulder. The script “VII XII LXIII 7.12.63” is tattooed there. This is the date of birth of her mother Tracey. “She is my biggest fan and strongest supporter. With this tattoo I just want to show and explain how close we are. I decided to get this script inked here because the shoulder is very important for all Volleyball players. The tattoo on it is a symbol of strength for me.” She got that tattoo last summer, i.e. shortly before she moved to DRESDNER SC and abroad for the first time in her career. “I have been thinking for quite some time about this tattoo. So I did not get it because I feel home sick away from my home country. It was just the right moment to go for it.”

Rebecca Perry
25-year old US American wing-spiker Rebecca Perry is a joy to watch and not only because she is tall, slim, and pretty. The tattoo displayed on the left side of her body is a real work of art (see picture). “It displays a phoenix, a bird taken from Greek mythology. By arising from the ashes of its predecessor a phoenix obtains new life, so it is a symbol of renewal” Perry explains. “My sister really wanted to get this tattoo but she could not fulfil her wish. After Tiffanie died, I decided that I wanted to get it myself.” Rebecca’s elder sister was murdered by her boyfriend, a mixed martial arts fighter, in 2010. Before the police made it to the scene of the crime, he committed suicide. “I wish none will ever experience what I did” Perry says. “A phoenix is a symbol for changes in life. After what happened to my sister, a different period began for me as well.” The tattoo was made by Clark Kent, a professional tattoo-maker from Seattle, Washington, and it does also include the first name of her beloved sister. “The first visit lasted for two hours and the second where he worked on all the shadows took us three and a half hours” Perry recalls. “I think he made a good job. Three girls from my same college got inked there as well after they got to see this tattoo.”

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