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04/04/2018 21:36
BURSA BBSK with an important step towards the defence of their #CEVChallengeCupW crown
2018 CEV Volleybal Challenge Cup - Women

Luxembourg, April 4, 2018. The titleholders from the #CEVChallengeCupW are now a step closer to winning again the trophy. In the first final matchup of the 2018 CEV Challenge Cup – Women, played on Wednesday at Melina Merkouri sports hall, the Turkish side claimed a thrilling 3-2 victory vs. Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS. The home squad made a great comeback in the match after losing the first two sets. In the third part the players around Branko Kovacevic were able to storm to a landslide 25-7 win, which gave them wings to fly. It wasn’t enough for a final victory, but nothing is over yet for the Greek team, as the second final matchup is scheduled for next Wednesday, April 11.

Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS (GRE) vs. BURSA BBSK (TUR) 2-3 (17-25, 23-25, 25-7, 25-18, 13-15)

•    The two teams will fight for the trophy in the re-match, which will be held next week in Turkey.
•    The fans of Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS helped a lot the home team by creating a fantastic atmosphere.
•    Thanks to the warm support from the crowd, the Greek team made a great comeback from 0-2, tied to 2-2 and took the match to a tiebreak.
•    Eventually, BURSA BBSK  showed better nerves on the field, closing the decisive fifth set by 15-13 in their favour.
•    Having the great support of their fans, Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS started well in the first set, taking the lead by  6-2. They kept the four-point difference also by the time of the first technical timeout. The ‘’Reds’’ maintained this gap until 11-7 when the visitors were able to reduce it to 11-10. The home coach Branko Kovacevic called a timeout but the Turkish team tied the score at 12-12 with an ace by Charlotte Leys. Having taken the lead, the Turks did not relinquish it anymore and closed this part by 25-17.
•    In the beginning of the second set, Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS were trailing 2-5 when their head coach Kovacevic called a timeout. It didn’t affect Bursa’s play and they kept on leading (8-4 by the first technical timeout). The ‘’Reds’’ couldn’t impose their rhythm and gave the chance to the Turkish team to increase their advantage (20-16). Stephanie Niemer from the Greek side tried to help her teammates by closing in at 19-21 and the Turkish team called a timeout. It was a very tense moment as Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS  tied the score (21-21) for the first time with two consecutive points made by Niemer. Emiliya Dimitrova from BURSA BBSK was the key player in the remaining moments of the set as she was performing on her highest level. However, the ‘’Reds’’ made the score equal again at 22-22. Again Dimitrova and this time Fatma Yildirim took control of the game and made it 2-0 in their favour.
•    The response from Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS came in the third set. The hosts looked very determined in the beginning of this part and stormed to impressive 6-0 and 8-2 leads. The ‘’Reds’’ improved their performance, showing inspiration on the court and fighting spirit. They were able to even make a 9-point gap (13-4). Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS maintained the same rhythm and boosted the difference to ten points at the second technical timeout (16-6). The players of Branko Kovacevic ran an 8-0 streak and won the set after a successful attack of Jana Franziska Poll (25-7).
•    The fourth set started with BURSA BBSK leading 4-2 and 6-4 but Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS tied on both occasions. The two teams went head to head until 7-7 when the visitors recorded a 4-0 run. Olympiacos’ players were able to reduce the point gap by 14-15 with the coach of the Turkish team, Angelo Vercesi calling a timeout. Despite an intense play, constantly changing the leading roles, eventually the home team, supported by their fans, were able to seize this set.
•    Olympiacos were trailing 5-8 in the beginning of the tiebreak. BURSA BBSK widened the margin to four points (9-5) and 13-9.  Once more, in this part of the set, the fans witnessed amazing rallies and intense play. However, the titleholders from BURSA BBSK claimed the victory by closing the tiebreak at 15-13 with a point scored by Yildirim.

Branko Kovacevic, head coach of Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS: “I think it was a big game. Congratulations to both teams and to our fans for the great atmosphere. Apart from the first set, I think that it was a good game and everybody enjoyed it. Both teams played very well. The most important difference between the two teams is the experience of BURSA players to play difficult games. Surely, we will fight and try to start the second game more relaxed. We will have the chance to win the 2018 CEV Challenge Cup - Women.’’

Styliani Christodoulou, player of Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS: “I agree with my coach. It was a good game. I want to thank all of our fans for the great atmosphere. They motivated us to come back from 0-2. The 2-3 is a result that we could see as a positive sign, having in mind the re-match.’’

Angelo Vercesi, head coach of BURSA BBSK: “I agree with the coach of Olympiacos SFP PIRAEUS. It was a very good game. The support of the fans of Olympiacos was amazing and helped their team make a comeback. We must be concentrated in the second game. We respect Olympiacos a lot and we will prepare ourselves accordingly.’’

Emiliya Dimitrova, player of BURSA BBSK: “I am very happy with the victory. We won because we knew that the game was going to be difficult. They started well and surely, could have won. So, we have to be very concentrated in the re-match.’’

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