CEV Youth Continental Cup

General Info
The inaugural CEV Youth Beach Volleyball Continental Cup is the major highlight of the CEV Beach Volleyball Development Plan worked out for the quadrennial 2013-2016.
This competition spans over a 2-year period (2013 and 2014) and serves as the European qualification process to determine the 6 teams that will represent Europe at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, where Beach Volleyball will debut on the program.
The format and concept of the newly introduced competition was approved by the CEV Board of Administration in January 2013 with the goal to provide all National Federations with an opportunity to run for the six spots available to make it to Nanjing 2014.
The CEV Youth Beach Volleyball Continental Cup was established also stimulate NFs to implement development programs in order to achieve the following goals:

- To increase the number of participants/players in the youth age group;
- To increase the number of countries participating in youth competitions;
- To increase the number of tournaments specifically conceived for the youth;
- To create an interesting and exciting qualification process for the 2014 Youth Olympics;  
- To make sure all NFs are able to participate regardless of their financial situation;
- To provide players with an opportunity to improve on their skills.  

Competition Formula
The start of the qualification process was set for April 1, 2013; the inaugural CEV Beach Volleyball Youth Continental Cup consists of two steps:

- The Zonal Phase played in 8 Pools (press to view Composition Callendar) and completed in 2013; where the two best ranked teams/countries per gender in each Pool qualified for the Final.
The seeding for the Zonal Phase was determined as per the latest CEV U18 Country Ranking.
- The Youth Continental Cup Final  played in 2014 (by the end of May at the latest) where the seeding of the various teams will be made by taking into account also the results of the Zonal Phase completed in 2013.