Pool Composition - Men

  • Spots belong to NOC/NFs and not to the athletes/teams
  • Host Country is seeded on position 1 and 8
  • The NOC/NF will be seeded in the pools/competition bracket according to the CEV Entry Ranking as of 1st January 2015. In case of a tie, a drawing of lots will decide.
  • If a NOC earns two spots per gender, the team ranked higher in the CEV Entry Ranking will be referred to as team 1 while the other will be referred to as team 2.
  • Two teams from the same NOC/NF will not be allowed in the same pool. If a team is to be allocated to a pool already containing a team of its NOC/NF the team is allocated in the next possible position in the sequence of the serpentine system.

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